Josh Weiss

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Education Technology Specialist

During his 7 years as a teacher, Josh worked in public and private K-12 schools in the US and Brazil as a literature instructor. Progressively moving into more tech-facing positions, Josh engaged in roles as workshop leader, project manager, and technologist. Most recently, Josh worked as Instructional Technologist at the Boston Architectural College, where he led initiatives in media-rich assessments, mobile learning, and competency-based education.

In his current position as Education Technology Specialist at Stanford Graduate School of Education, Josh serves as the connective tissue between learning and technology. Josh designs, develops, and implements digital learning solutions. As a technologist, he operates content management systems, configures 3rd party applications, and builds custom learning experiences. Josh also advises faculty, graduate students, and researchers on emerging technologies, specializing in course management, interactive media, data-driven instruction, and adaptive learning.

Josh holds Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Spanish from Emory University, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Alabama, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Media Design from Harvard University Extension. In his free time, Josh plays the banjo and reads The Economist (mainly for the puns).

Instructional design, learning management systems, international education
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