Stanford GSE IT engages in research, design, implementation, and evaluation of all resources relevant to academic innovation and technology and ensures such resources are positioned and optimized to best support and enhance academic activities and business functions of all members of the Stanford GSE community.


Stanford GSE IT provides design services for mobile applications, web, and digital media resources, learning interactions for online and blended courses, and print marketing and communication materials.


Stanford GSE IT provides planning and management support for technology integrated academic programs and research projects.


Stanford GSE IT advises faculty, staff, RAs, TAs and students in acquiring and developing technology solutions and environments for teaching and research activities.


Stanford GSE IT evaluates emerging information and academic technologies to determine their potential value and impact on Stanford GSE’s core activities.


Stanford GSE IT represents and advocates for Stanford GSE in University committees, external partnering corporations, conferences, academic and industry events or funding organizations relevant to information and academic technology services and solutions.


Stanford GSE IT engages in the management of technology projects involving custom development, packaged applications, configurations, report development, data migrations, or systems evaluations.


Stanford GSE IT develops, operates, and expands teaching enhancement and research support workshops (e.g., nVivo, HyperResearch, EndNote, AMOS, etc.).


Stanford GSE IT fosters cooperative relationships with various on- and off-campus organizations and task teams for administrative and academic support technology and educational entrepreneurship related projects.


Stanford GSE IT reviews, certifies, propagates, and implements policies, procedures, and data access plans for secured data sets for research activities.


Stanford GSE IT promotes the use and integration of academic innovations in teaching and learning through collaborative projects, case studies, directed research courses, and international consortiums.


Stanford GSE IT recruits and develops talents to innovate Graduate School of Education through trainings, mentorships, internships, and partnerships with internal and external resources and relevant organizations.

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