Joe Sherman

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Digital Media Producer

Joe provides media production and consultation to the GSE community. He can create media from start to finish, or offer guidance for all things digital. He has authored a wide array of media, including course videos, documentaries, animations, and musical recordings. Joe is a tech nerd who loves researching and testing new cameras and production gear. He enjoys working in teams to design multimedia content, or shooting and editing an entire video as a one man production crew. With over 20 years of experience making videos, photos, and music, he has always been drawn to creativity. On the weekend, Joe can be found biking, skateboarding, drumming, listening to vinyl, petting his cats, or eating delicious food.

Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from Pitzer College.

Adobe CC, Zoom, podcasting, photography, video editing, motion graphics, A/V equipment, and computing.
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