CrashPlan WIN installation guide

  1. Download CrashPlan.

  2. Double click on Crashplan_4.8.1_GSE_UIT_win64.exe

  3. When the User Account Control prompt displays, click on Yes.

  4. On the Installation Type screen, make sure “Everybody (all users)” is selected

    select Everybody (all users)

  5. Click on Next and accept the agreement and keep clicking on Next. Then finally click on the Install button.


  6. Wait until it finishes the installation and click on Finish.

  7. Start Crashplan PROe. A screen similiar to WebAuth will appear

    • Select "New Account"
    • Check "Select Login with Stanford Sign-on"
    • Enter your SUNet ID
    • Enter your SUNet Password
    • Two Step Authentication will be required.

    New Account selected;Login with Stanford Single Sign-on checked

  8. Backing up your files will start automatically once it connects to our server and you can see and change which files are being back-up by clicking Change button.


If you have any questions or problems installing CrashPlan, please submit a HelpSU ticket.