CrashPlan MAC installation guide

  1. Download CrashPlan.

  2. Double-click on the file and when the system will map Crashplan on your desktop, double -click on the CrashPlanPROe icon from your desktop.  This will mount the CrashPlanPROe.  The mounted volume will be listed under the Finder.

    mapped crashplan image

  3. Double-click on the installation icon to start the installation process.

    installation icon

  4. Click on Continue and accept the license agreement and click on Continue and finally click on the Install button.


    installation button

  5. Wait until it finishes the installation and click on Close.


  6. Select NEW ACCOUNT and click on LogIn. (You need to authenticate using 2-step authentication)

    • SUNetID: Your SUNet ID
    • Password: Your SUNet Password


  7. Backing up your files will start automatically once it connects to our server and you can see and change which files are being back-up by clicking Change button. 

    backup setup

If you have any questions or problems installing CrashPlan, please submit a HelpSU ticket.