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Addressing Challenges for Digital Classrooms
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The Teaching Resources site is an archive of 125+ interviews, strategies, use cases, and research showcasing instructors’ journeys in tech-enhanced learning. Inspired by the laboratory of remote learning practices during COVID-19, the site incorporates student voices, podcast recordings, articles, and more.

Highlights of the resource bank include events (Lunch-n-Learns, interviews, workshops, panels), tools (FAQs, guides, walkthroughs, tutorials), strategies, (research, strategies, practices), and an archive of the community’s experiences learning alongside technology (student voices, interviews, podcast recordings). The resources are organized based on six categories that are essential in creating effective and meaningful classroom experiences: supporting mental health and well-being, structuring and streamlining content, promoting student engagement, bridging synchronous and asynchronous learning, building community and trust, gathering assessment and feedback.


Due to the pandemic, instructional teams, students, and GSE community members sought out up-to-date, reliable, and solutions-minded resources to help navigate the new remote learning environment. Practices were siloed within classrooms, and teaching teams were not benefitting from insights from the larger GSE community.

The front page of the Teaching Resources website showcasing the 6 main challenges and resource themes.

At the onset of COVID, GSE IT led the charge to implement remote instruction. The Digital Learning Solutions team complemented this technical effort with extensive interviews and needs-finding to de-silo promising practices. Concurrently, GSE IT trained and deployed a cohort of Digital Ambassadors – students who stepped up as technical TAs during the height of the pandemic – to jump-start deeper conversations about practices worth unearthing and sharing out with the broader community. These stories and findings were collected and sorted into focus areas while the Web Team developed a custom coded WordPress site. After beta testing, the site was published to the Stanford community, where it remains an evergreen resource for tech-enhanced practices.

Tools Used

Google Suite


In all, the GSE IT team has produced 125+ research-based articles. In total, the website has had over 40,000 total users and approximately 112,000 total page views since its inception.

The Teaching Resources website has received positive feedback within the Stanford community and out in the digital space, earning the prestigious CASE Silver Medal for Digital Communications in 2021. .

The collection of resources has also been distributed and cross-promoted on the CTL-based Teaching Commons site, the Stanford-wide Teach Anywhere site, and numerous Stanford-based resource pages. The Teaching Resources site works in tandem with the Teaching Commons site to offer resources for instructors that are simple, flexible, and research-based on the topics of learning, education, and pedagogy. The TR site continues to support and complement these goals by capturing promising practices that can then be shared and distributed via Teaching Commons for the Stanford community.

Full collection of resources and articles on technology, promising practices, and research.