AI Starter Kit

AI Starter Kit
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Academic Technology
Tech Innovation Initiative
Generative AI
Technical Writing
Faculty, TAs, Students, Staff
February 2023
Mae Bethel

A guide with important questions and critical steps when building with generative AI


In response to rising questions and concerns about generative AI within the GSE community, the DLS team wrote a comprehensive guide, called the AI Starter Kit, to explain the concepts and use cases of generative AI. The AI Starter Kit then delves further into the theoretical frameworks of building with such tools.


The team researched and gathered data to gain a thorough understanding of what the generative AI tool is, how it’s built, what you can use it for, and why you should use it. This foundational knowledge would shape the three main objectives of the AI Starter Kit: the conceptual frameworks of generative AI, the purpose and intentions of this technology, and impact of the technology on the users and their data.

In order to illustrate relatable use cases for generative AI in higher education, the team constructed three personas of varying experience levels. These personas were designed to follow the above three objectives as models for the reader, so that readers would identify more strongly with the text.

Lastly, the team included a brief list of no-code and low-code app builders to encourage readers to start working with generative AI.


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The DLS team debuted the AI Starter Kit at the Winter 2023 workshop, Building Your Own AI App, as a foundational resource and has been regularly accessed since. It has inspired subsequent workshops on the topic of generative AI throughout the summer and fall quarters of 2023, particularly with the Generative AI Seed Grantees as they honed their projects.

The introduction of the three personas, each of the three persona graphics were created with Midjourney on Discord.
The epilogue espouses personal growth beyond the tools and resources listed in the starter kit.