Discussions on Education and Equity
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Academic Technology
Web Development
Media Production
Remote Learning
Addressing Education Challenges
The Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET)
6 Months

During the pandemic, GSE IT created three separate podcast series. These podcasts were produced remotely and centered around themes of education and equity.


Remote learning does not always allow conversations to flourish, as students and instructors do not have the time for natural interactions in and out of class. When the GSE went fully online, GSE IT recognized an opportunity to capture and amplify the voices in our community.

The Center to Support Excellence in Teaching’s weekly live sessions needed to be turned from Zoom recordings into a podcast format for the Teaching to Meet the Moment podcast series. Upon the completion of Teaching to Meet the Moment, GSE IT partnered with CSET once again to make Normal was Never Good Enough.

GSE IT also produced the podcast series Journeys Online, which featured conversations with GSE students and faculty. The DLS team directly managed the media process for episodes on such topics as career goals, building community remotely, and TAs bridging students and instructors in order to get the project off the ground and ensure high fidelity. Captured during the pandemic, these recordings provided a space for the Stanford community to reflect on shifts in online and offline learning.

The first episode of the Teaching to Meet the Moment podcast series.

First, GSE IT researched the best workflows for podcast production. This included recording best practices, remote conferencing options, and media management. Additionally, audio editing techniques and podcast distribution platforms were carefully investigated.

Next, the production process was scheduled along with the podcast guests. The Stanford podcast hosts conducted interviews and discussions, which were recorded over Zoom. The Zoom recordings were then uploaded to Frame.io for collaborative review, notation, and version control.

These files were then edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition to remove unwanted sound bites, pauses, or audio glitches. Finally, the completed podcasts were uploaded to PodBean for distribution and embedded on the IT and CSET webpages.

Technologies used 

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition

An episode of Normal Was Never Good Enough displayed on the mobile app.
List of podcast episodes of Normal Was Never Good Enough on the CSET website.

The podcast series Journeys Online, Teaching to Meet the Moment, and Normal Was Never Good Enough are complete and online for anyone to hear. The episodes have been shared and listened to around the world.