Digital Initiatives, Winter 2021


Digital Initiatives is a quarterly newsletter that highlights innovative research, design, and implementation around learning technologies at Stanford Graduate School of Education.

SPECIAL EDITION: As part of an ongoing effort to share out expertise and insights, we are proud to announce a new website, Teaching Resources. This evolving collection of interviews and findings addresses challenges in online learning through the experience of GSE instructors and students. Check out some highlights below, or peruse the 100+ articles here.

Robert Wachtel Pronovost designs remote learning around choice and trust

Video discussion, escape rooms, and malleable reading lists set the stage for an inclusive and organic learning environment

Elena Darling-Hammond and Danny Pimentel share their experience as TAs bridging students and instructors

Peer conversation addressing the evolving role of the TA

How to leverage podcasts for learning

Podcasts are an engaging way for instructors to merge project-based learning with digital media

Becca Hanlin and Rob Heavner share their remote experiences and community-building activities

GSE students reflect on what made their classes unique and share hopes for the next quarter

Learning activities in online environments

Instructional practices that augment active learning and engagement

Ghisly Garcia and Brian Chien share what they learned about building community remotely

GSE master’s students reflect on how they built relationships with their cohort

Tools for remote research

From data analysis to presentation, how to collaborate with a GSE-based research team

Tatiana Zamora, Jesse Ramirez, Monica Sircar, and Jane Weiss provide insights on how courses supported their career goals

GSE first-year Ph.D. students chat about choosing classes based on personal and research interests