Digital Initiatives, Spring 2021

Digital Initiatives is a quarterly newsletter that highlights innovative research, design, and implementation around learning technologies at Stanford Graduate School of Education.
SPECIAL EDITION: As part of an ongoing effort to share out expertise and insights, we are proud to announce a new website, Teaching Resources. This evolving collection of interviews and findings addresses challenges in online learning through the experience of GSE instructors and students. Check out some highlights below, or peruse the 100+ articles here.
GSE instructors reflect over the past year and share strategies that have made a difference in remote instruction
GSE instructors share their technologies and strategies on how they support active learning in online environments
Leveraging interaction-rich online discussion boards to optimize instruction
How to bring traditional peer interaction structures like jigsaw, speed dating, gallery walks, and mix and mingle into the digital space
Opportunities for students to leave the screen and incorporate movement into learning activities