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Practicum Overview and Structure: The Teaching Assistant Technology Practicum offers teaching and course assistants at the Graduate School of Education the opportunity to learn about pedagogical issues in teaching effectively with technology and prepares them to integrate technology into course activities and instruction. The Practicum uses a 5-phase model structured around the construction, implementation, and reflection on a lesson, activity, assignment, or artifact that uses technology to support student learning and engagement. TAs and CAs will acquire expertise and learn to manage complexity within the academic technology domain as they progress through these 5 phases:

  1. Planning: Identify an educational objective to improve or investigate and develop a lesson plan or educational artifact that incorporates technology in its approach.
  2. Acting: Implement the lesson plan or share the educational artifact in context.
  3. Observing: Observe the effects of the plan or artifact.
  4. Reflecting: Reflect on these effects as a basis for further planning and subsequent action.
  5. Sharing: Craft a brief overview and reflection of the activity/artifact, and share it during a culminating presentation to the GSE and Stanford community.

Learn more about the practicum experience here.


Practicum Objectives: Through an applied, ‘learning by doing’ approach and emphasis on faculty supervisor involvement, the Practicum aims to:

  • Prepare TAs and CAs for ‘21st century’ teaching duties at and beyond Stanford;
  • Provide exposure within GSE courses to academic technology approaches;
  • Create artifacts that can be used to implement academic technology approaches in other GSE and Stanford courses.


Eligibility: GSE students and staff serving as teaching/course assistants during the 2017-2018 academic year are invited to submit an application to participate in the TA Technology Practicum. A select number of TA's and CA's will be admitted to the 2017-2018 cohort, and each participant will receive a Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching. Faculty support is an important aspect of this program. Applicants should work with their course instructor to select a target outcome for their practicum, and to identify an opportunity during the course to implement their technology-enhanced lesson, activity, assignment, or artifact. Possible target outcomes include the following:

  • Use technology to facilitate peer learning and peer assessment
  • Implement student-generated multimedia projects/presentations
  • Redesign or enhance course site/syllabus design to leverage online tools
  • Facilitate richer in-person or online discussions


Apply: Applications for the upcoming cohort are open through August 1, 2017. Please complete the form here: 2017-2018 TATP Application (link is external)


Contact: For questions or concerns, please contanct Josh Weiss at: josh.weiss@stanford.edu (link sends e-mail)