Accessing Shared Network Drives from Windows

**If you are trying to connect to your shared network drive off-campus, be sure to connect to Stanford VPN first. 

Instructon to connect to Stanford VPN

  1. Double-click on the Computer icon.

  2. Click on Map network drive menu on top.

  3. Type in \\\gse inside the Folder box. Make sure to check off the both boxes, then click Finish.

  4. Use the following information to login:**

    Username: win\YOUR SUNET ID

    **If the top box doesn't display the correct username, click on the box below (Use Another account) to enter username manually.

    Log-in information

  5. Wait until it connects to your shared network drives.

  6. You are now connected to all your shared network drives.

    **If you don't see all your shared network drives, or have problems connecting, please submit a HelpSU ticket.