Connecting to NVivo Server

**If you are trying to connect to the server off-campus, you'll first need to connect to VPN. For more information on VPN, visit

  1. Start NVivo by double clicking the QSR NVivo icon.

  2. Go to File > Options.

    Options selected under File tab

  3. Select the "Connections" tab then click Add.

    Under Connections tab, click Add...

  4. Complete the blank form, then click OK. (It may take up to 20 seconds for it to add your server information to the system.)
    Name: Name of this connection (e.g. Stanford Server)
    Connect As: Specified User
    Account Name: suse-nvivo\YOUR USERNAME
    Password: Your Password

    Select Specified User section

  5. Check off the Default checkbox to make your server as your default connection then click OK.

    Default checkbox checked

  6. You are ready to use your server. If you close the NVivo and come back, you'll have to enter your password again to connect to the serer.