Q: What if I have to miss a session?
A: We strongly encourage you to attend all five sessions because each session is designed to meet one piece of the larger goal. That being said, we understand that there are certain situations you cannot avoid, so we can accommodate schedule conflicts if you arrange it with us in advance.

Q: What if I already know a lot about technology/software?
A: This program is not focused on teaching how to use a specific software. Even if you already know a lot about technology, you will still benefit from this course by learning how to better use the skills you already have and how to make calculated and informed choices about the types of tools you use.

Q: What if I don’t know anything about technology?
A: This foundational course is designed to give you an opportunity to learn about the different tools available at Stanford by learning about functionality and giving you hands-on time. We expect participants to spend outside class time to watch instructional videos if they are not already familiar with the tools. During class, we will have hands-on time to explore the tools in a little more depth.

Q: I’ve already taken the Process Improvement Lego workshop, will this still be helpful for me?
A: The Process Improvement Lego workshop will look a little different than when you have taken it before, because it will be tailored to best meet the needs of DLCP participants. This workshop is part of our first session because it will give you the foundational tools you will need for the rest of the course.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to each session?
A: Yes, please bring your Stanford-issued laptop and/or tablets to each session. If you don’t have any devices to bring, please check:

  1. Loan a device out from Lathrop library
  2. Contact us at shawnkim@stanford.edu

Q: Who is issuing the certificate?
A: The Certificate of Accomplished is issued by the Registrar’s office and the Graduate School of Education with your own unique certificate number.

Q: Will I have to pay anything?
A: This Summer FY17 cohort is a cost-free pilot session.