DLCP applies a ‘learn by doing’ approach in a project-based learning environment. The five-session program will include on-site workshops, guest speakers, individual coaching sessions, and opportunities to collaborate on small projects while addressing three key points: awareness, competency, and confidence. 

 competency, awareness, confidence

DLCP aims to:

  • Increase effectiveness in how to utilize Stanford tools;
  • Building and delivering engaging and relevant presentations;
  • Using new survey methodologies to improve data quality and insights;
  • Improve workflow process by identifying inefficiencies;
  • Effectively use digital tools including Slack, Google Drive, Zoom, Qualtrics, Microsoft PowerPoint, Stanford Box, and more;
  • Collaborate on projects with your colleagues to find new ways to improve efficiency in the work environment
  • Build community

How particpants may benefit from the program:

  • GSE Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Build personal "digital tool kit"
  • Influence your department/community in a positive way to support the school’s vision or University's vision
  • Networking opportunity